Disability Management

Working in the role of Return-to-Work (RTW) Coordinator, McNabb Rehabilitation Services and its team of Disability Management Professionals, facilitate the reintegration of workers who have been injured on or off the job or workers having a disability through illness.


A critical component of the RTW Coordinator’s function is to promote the values of return-to-work, disability management, and human rights within the organization.


The RTW Coordinator may act as a return-to-work advocate, challenging barriers to reintegration, acting to protect the employability of the worker, and helping ensure there is no discrimination in the work place, while maintaining a cooperative working relationship with labor and management.


These multiple roles and functions of RTW Coordinators require appropriate knowledge and skills, which include (but are not limited to) the following case management services, interventions and activities: 


Coordination and monitoring of medical and rehabilitation services;


Development of disability management planning and case coordination activities among employees, managers/supervisors, labor representatives, human resource personnel, treating physicians, and therapists;


Development of transitional duty return to work plans;


Facilitating employee and physician understanding of return to work options;


Coordination of independent medical examinations and functional capacity evaluations;


Securing job analysis information for examining physicians to understand the type of work the employee is able to perform; and


Completion of vocational evaluations to determine accommodation needs and transferable skills to perform alternate work. 

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